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Taxi Contact Numbers

Improved GPS Callback :

All our taxis are able send you a "callback" whenthey are about to arrive by relaying through the system to the telephone number that made the booking.The Callback number is always

Taxi Contact Numbers

so you can store this number, eg. "taxi outside".( there is no need to answer the Callback ).

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Want to work at Mainline ?

We are always looking for new driversand operators to join the team.

Full or part-time positions.

Male or Female drivers wanted.

Full training is provided.

For details please call the office or send an email.

Mainline and the Autocab system :

Mainline has been trading in Harrogate since 1981 and from a small fleet of three cars we have grown into a household brand with over 70 cars and mini- buses. In late 2007, we installed Autocab, the world’s most advanced taxi bookings and dispatch system. The system not only improves driver and office efficiency, but helps the environment too, by helping to cut down our carbon footprint by reducing "dead running time" and route overlap. What can we offer that no other taxi firm can? Simple : with our new system comes many advances in how to obtain your taxi, including improved Callback, I.V.R., and E-Book.

E-Booking :

E-Book is the latest and most efficient way to book taxis. It allows you to book your taxi directly onto our system. No extra programs to run, and no installation costs, all you need is an internet connection. We will set you up an account user name and password that you may change at will.

You can also use our Online Booking page powered by :Cabubble Logo

IVR : Interactive Voice Response

This allows you to book a taxi from a home or office landline, or if you pre-register a mobile number, any one of up to 6 pre-arranged pick up points, without ever talking to an operator. All I.V.R. calls are answered within 3 seconds. Bookings are treated with priority for immediate dispatch, and are able to automatically send a Callback.

Benefits of the Autocab system :

1] We can tell you the exact waiting time.
2] Accurate fare estimates both local and national.
3] Drivers don't get lost, especially in other areas...
4] "Green" : less pollution from our cars.
5] Easier booking with I.V.R. or E-Book.
6] More accurate GPS based Callback.

Want to know more ?

Here at Mainline Taxis we are passionate about our trade and welcome any new business enquires. If you are a business or hotel please Click (HERE) to see our introductory letter. For more information on any of our free services or to enquire about setting up an account, contact our office by phone, fax or email. We are ready to take your calls.

Garry Sadler-Simpson

Chairman, Mainline Taxi Association.

Taxi Contact Numbers

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